There may be a lot of people running for president in 2020 and a lot of political outsiders, at that. I’m excited about the election. Whether Donald Trump ends up being a good president or not, one thing he did succeed in is being an outsider that actually got elected. He opened the door for more outsiders and I think that’s ultimately a good thing.

Oh, and whereas Donald opened the door for outsiders, Bernie Sanders proved that you can finance a presidential campaign without taking money from big donors/special interest groups. He financed his campaign with smaller donations (full disclosure: I donated about $25.)

Anyway, these are the people I’ve heard about so far who are potentially running in 2020 (in alphabetical order):

Still Running(?):


Had Considered Running, But No Longer Are (at least in 2020):

  • Ron Perlman (Running | Not Running)
  • Kanye West

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