My Favorite Bands/Artists

Most influential band: Beastie Boys Now: Beastie Boys GROUPLOVE The Killers The Lumineers MATT and KIM Vampire Weekend Recent Past: Δ (alt-J) 311 Arcade Fire College Diplo DJ Shadow James Horner The Streets (Mike Skinner) High School 311 A Tribe Called Quest The Impossibles the pharcyde Rage Against the Machine Wu-Tang Clan Middle School/Elementary School … Continue reading My Favorite Bands/Artists

My Favorite OUYA Games

The OUYA doesn't have alot (any?) of AAA titles, but it still has some really fun games and emulators. Here are my favorites. BombSquad A Ride Into the Mountains The Cave Any of the Robert Broglia emulators Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Zombie Driver Shadow Blade Natural Soccer: OUYA Edition